A Guide on What Foods to Avoid in Feeding Babies


Knowing as much as they can about feeding their babies is every parent’s responsibility. Namely, babies need an incredible amount of energy during the first year of their lives in order for them to be healthy and develop naturally. Therefore, feeding babies should always be something that parents pay much attention to. However, there are always some problems. The problems that parents have with their babies’ diets commonly stem from the fact that there is plenty of different information on the subject and many parents simply do not know who they can trust. The internet is full of advice on how to feed a baby, what to feed a baby and so on. The main problem is that this advice is not always good for every baby in particular and many parents have a hard time determining what to do in this situation.

Foods that Should Be Avoided in Feeding Babies

When it comes to what foods parents are advised to avoid, it can be said that the list is pretty long. The reasons for this are numerous: a baby’s digestive system, choking hazards, inappropriate foods in general, too spicy and so on. The best thing to do is to really avoid everything from the list, because this is the only safe way. Here are some of the most common types of food to avoid in feeding babies:

  • Salty and sugary foods – both sugar and salt should never be added to solid baby foods, at least until the baby is a year old. The reason for this is that too much sugar may cause problems such as tooth decay, and too much salt is simply something that a baby does not need.
  • Honey and cow’s milk – although many parents do not know this, honey and cow’s milk should actually be avoided until the baby is a year old. The reason for this is the fact that honey can contain harmful bacteria, and cow’s milk contains enzymes that cannot be digested by a baby.
  • Chocolate and nuts – chocolate contains caffeine, sugar and often cow’s milk and none of this are beneficial for a baby. On the other hand, nuts are healthy but they are a potential choking hazard, and many babies may be allergic to nuts.
  • Citrus fruits – even though citrus fruits are extremely healthy for us, they can cause many different problems for babies, including stomach aches and rashes.
  • Hard foods – any foods that are hard to chew, sticky and cut into big pieces are not the kind of foods that babies should be eating, for obvious reasons.


All in all, it is important that inexperienced parents take everything related to their babies’ diets very seriously. The reason for this is very simple – paying attention to what and how to feed a baby can prevent a lot of unnecessary problems from occurring. In addition to this, by giving their babies exactly what they need, parents allow them to develop naturally and get familiar to healthy eating at a very early age.


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