Below is the information contained on the application for the Virginia and Susan Hawk Memorial Vocal Scholarship. Questions? Call 619-994-0712


2018 Auditions will be held on Saturday, April 14, 2018, at La Mesa First United Methodist Church, 4690 Palm Avenue, La Mesa, CA. Auditions will start at 10 AM. and are not open to the public.


Applicant must be between the ages of 20 to 35.
Applicant must be a resident of San Diego or Imperial County.
A $25.00 nonrefundable entry fee is to be submitted on audition day.
Make check payable to Music Scholarship Council.


Email the completed application, proof of birthdate, teacher’s letter of recommendation, and winner’s pledge to: must be received by Saturday, March 31, 2018. Prior first place winners may not reapply.


Male – Jacket and tie           Female – Floor length dress


First Place – $3,000.    Second Place – $2,000.       Third Place – TBA

The award monies are given in one amount to the winners at the Winners’ Concert on Sunday, April 22, 2018 at 2:30 PM, St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church, 6556 Park Ridge Blvd, San Diego, CA. There is no charge for admission to the Concert; it is open to the public and the Music Scholarship Council will give a reception to honor the winners.


  • Must Include
    Two operatic arias and a selection from an oratorio or a cantata, each sung in the original key and the original language. (Include name of opera in parentheses if an aria.) One selection from each of the following: French art song, German lied, Italian song, and a contemporary English or American song (1920 to the present). One of the arias may be used to satisfy one of the language requirements. Contestants may substitute one song in another language (e.g., Russian, Spanish, Czech, etc.) for one of the non-English songs.
    Please provide the length of time (minutes) of performance for each piece.
  • All music must be sung from memory, except for the oratorio and the cantata.
  • Applicant must provide own accompanist.
  • Applicant will audition for 12 minutes.
  • Repertoire prepared for previous Hawk Scholarship Auditions may not be repeated.


Each applicant will be considered on individual merit by three out-of-town judges, who will be given the applicant’s assigned number, age, years of study, and the contestant’s vocal selections. The winners will be posted on our website. You can also obtain the results by calling Shirley Stowers at 619-994-0712. Following the auditions, the judges will be available to speak with you if you would like to know the judge’s comments about your performance.

If in the opinion of the judges, none of the contestants meet the high standards required to receive these awards, the amount of the awards (all, or in part) will be returned to the Hawk Scholarship Fund for future awards.


The judges will use the following four, equally weighted criteria, rating each contestant on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) in each of the four criteria.

1. Vocal Potential The contestant demonstrates a vocal quality that would allow for a successful professional career for lead roles on the operatic and concert stage and/or as a desired soloist for oratorio and cantata works.

2. Musicianship and Language Skills The contestant demonstrates a repertoire that is appropriate for the voice and the level of development of the voice. The voice is positioned in the appropriate range. The contestant demonstrates the appropriate pronunciation of the full range of each of the languages, including inflection and articulation

3. Technique The contestant demonstrates correct intonation and voice placement across the full range of the voice. The contestant demonstrates the appropriate dynamic sensitivity as well as the rhythm, meter, and tempo for each song. The contestant demonstrates clear articulation of the words.

4. Artistry The contestant demonstrates both a vocal interpretation and physical/visual/presentation that is fully engaged with the character of the aria or song and that demonstrates a connected engagement as an entertainer with the audience.


Please fill out this form completely and email to: along with proof of date of birth, signed teacher’s recommendation, and signed winner’s pledge.


First Name                                          Initial         Last _________________________
Proof of  of birthdate (copy of drivers license, passport)
One phone number______________________ One Email____________________
City______________________________________  State ____  Zip_____________
San Diego or Imperial County Resident  from ______________    to______________


Voice Category_______________________________


Private Vocal Study Teachers____________________________________________
Total Years of Vocal Study______________________

Accompanist Information: Name________________________________________

Phone #________________________              Email________________________

 You may wish to provide a resume or additional information.


AUDITION INFORMATION FOR JUDGES                                      

Please do not include your name.

Voice Category:____________________ Age:____        Years of Vocal Study:________

List of compositions to be performed in this audition, check repertoire requirements above.


List of compositions to be performed in this audition:

Refer to the Repertoire Requirements for required selections.

Category Full Title Last Name of Composer  Length Minutes


Aria #1
Aria #2
French Art Song
German Lied
Italian Song
English or American 1920 to the pressnt


TEACHER’S RECOMMENDATION                            

Teacher’s Phone #______________________________________________

Student’s Name________________________________________   Teacher’s Email ________________________________________________

To be completed by teacher: I recommend_________________________________






electronic signature is acceptable




If I am a winner of the Virginia and Susan Hawk Vocal Scholarship, I pledge that:

  1. I will participate in the Scholarship Recital, Sunday, April 22, 2018.
  2. I will make every effort to schedule auditions, pursue education opportunities, and arrange for performances in other leading music centers in this country and/or abroad.
  3. I will also submit a list of any auditions which I may have scheduled for the future.
  4. I will use the financial award within one year to further my professional musical career.
  5. I understand I will be expected to submit a report to the chairman of the committee as to my musical development and use of the funds.

Signature of Winner_________________________________________________

electronic signature is acceptable


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