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Grossmont Community Concert Association


1957 – October – the Women's Committee W.C) of the Grossmont Community Concert Association (G.C.C.A.) is organized.  Henrietta Harelson is appointed president by the chairman of the G.C.C.A.  She, in turn, appoints the first Executive Committee officers.  The W.C. consists of four community groups:  La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Fletcher Hills, and El Cajon.  The entire area meets at the Spring and Fall Musicales.  Dues are $1.00.

1958 – the first annual Spring Musicale takes place March 29 at the La Mesa Fine Arts Center.  As our first venture, the W.C. sponsors the Civic Youth Orchestra in concert.  The next venture was a concert of local artists, with auditions held at Grossmont High School.

1959 – President Henrietta Harelson reports at the Installation Luncheon an increase of 300 members in the past 20 months.  Connie Stewart is installed as second president of the W.C.
        - dinners are held preceding the G.C.C.A. concerts.  They are served in the high school dining room at $2 a plate, after which diners proceed to the school gymnasium for the concert.

1960 – W.C. dues are raised to $2.  Membership is now at 377, and the Mt. Helix Community is added to the existing four.  Ten fundraising events during the year produced $973 for the treasury.
        – November – the Euterpe Chorus of the W.C. is founded, making its debut at the Mt. Helix Community Spring Musicale under the direction of Henrietta Harelson.

1961 – June – a committee from the W.C. of the G.C.C.A. has been working with the new Grossmont Junior College on the matter of an auditorium.  Col. Resta, G.C.C.A. Board Chairman, writes to the trustees of the college regarding the need for a suitable auditorium in the area.  He is also reviewing the groundwork laid by the W.C.

1962 – from the San Diego Union, 6/20/62.  “Invitations are being mailed to members of the W.C. for their party of the year, an installation luncheon at 12:30 p.m., June 27, in the Café Del Rey Moro, Balboa Park.  Mrs. Wendell Robley will be invested as president.”

1963 – March – Mrs. Robley announces the receipt of an Award of Appreciation from Grossmont College which is given to the W.C. for its support of the founding, organizing, and financing of the initial building of the college.

1964 – June – a letter from June Ward, W.C. president, to the Grossmont College Development Foundation states, “It is with pride and pleasure that the W.C. of the G.C.C.A. makes this gift of $3,760 to the Grossmont College Development Foundation.”  There are some conditions – it is to be used specifically for the front section of the auditorium, and seating capacity must be at least 1,500.

1965 – March – the Area Spring Musicale takes place at Monte Vista Lodge in Lemon Grove.  Artists are Charlene Bishop, soprano; James Christie, flute; and John Blyth, piano.
        – September – W.C. has a “Day at the Races” at Caliente.  The Turf Club is reserved for the day.  Mrs. Jack Knowlden and Mr. M. J. Shelton co-chair the event.  Proceeds are placed in the Philanthropic Fund.

1966 – January – Constance Virtue is elected to represent the W.C. on the Auditorium Board.
        – March – Mrs. Virtue (Connie) asks for the correct spelling of our newsletter, there being a divergence of opinion in different dictionaries.  She moves that the spelling be changed to OBBLIGATO.  The motion carries.
        – May – Mrs. Gilbert Harelson (Henrietta) reports that the Euterpe Chorus has made five appearances publicizing the W.C. and the G.C.C.A.
        – May – thanks are extended to W.C. members for stuffing and mailing 7,000 invitations to the Dorothy Warensjold concert.

1967 – March – the first Beaux Arts Ball is held at the Hotel Del Coronado.  Mrs. Joseph Golden (Jane) is chairman.  It nets $850.20.

1968 – January – seeds of our scholarship program are sown.  A letter is mailed to all W.C. members stating that the W.C. will honor talented sons and daughters at the annual Beaux Arts Ball.  Auditions will be held before outside judges.
        – March – the second annual Beaux Arts Ball will take place at Hotel Del Coronado.  Chances will be sold on a Hawaiian trip – 7 days and 6 nights in deluxe accommodations plus $100 cash!  The seven winners of the talent contest will be presented.

1970 – May – a Laguna Arts Festival bus trip is planned for July 18.  Tickets will be $9 with a profit of 50¢ on each ticket.
        – September – Mrs. Del Nero (Alice) reports that the Auditorium Committee has been divided into two sections:  Finance and Use of the Facility.  The auditorium will contain 1,200 seats – 1,500 would require a balcony.

1971 – July – at the request of Dr. Gene Farrar, Dean of Community Services at Grossmont College, the W.C. votes to cooperate with the college in presenting four Area Musicales, Local Artists, and Civic Youth Orchestra concerts.

1972 – Grossmont College Trustees authorize Superintendent Robert Burnham to explore the possibility of entering into some type of agreement with the City of El Cajon to build an auditorium.

1973 – January – G.C.C.A. opens the new year with an all-out drive to have a community auditorium constructed in the Super-Block of El Cajon.  Mrs. Virginia Hawk, auditorium chairman, is circulating petitions.
        – April – the La Mesa Chamber of Commerce asks the W.C. to choose a woman or women to be considered for the Outstanding Woman of the Year.”  Henrietta Harelson, Helen Lambert, and Beverly Donnell were chosen as nominees.
        – April – Grossmont College Trustees vote to join with the City of El Cajon in building an auditorium in the downtown Superblock.
        - November – it was suggested that maybe a bridge marathon could be started with $1 to be paid, which could be a money-making project.

1974 – May – the W.C. holds a Hawaiian Luau at the Singing Hills Country Club to benefit the auditorium fund.  Music for dancing is provided by Evelyn Estabrook on piano and Brian Ward on drums.
        – October – a huge community rummage sale takes place at Granite Hills High School.  It is co-sponsored by the W.C. and the Action Club, Alice Richards, chair, and Ray Murphy, co-chair – proceeds to go to the auditorium fund.

1975 – from Neil Morgan’s column in the San Diego Union:  “La Mesa’s Helen Wilson wrote a fine little book, Gold Fever, about tiny Jarbridge, Nevada, where she spent her childhood.”
        – June – ground is broken for the $2.1 million civic auditorium in El Cajon’s Superblock development.
        – October – another Super Rummage Sale is held at Granite Hills High, sponsored by the W.C. and three other community organizations – it grosses over $4,000.
        – the W.C. spearheads a drive for $336,000 for seats and furnishings for the auditorium.

1976 – January – “Symphony in Fashions,” a luncheon/fashion show is held at the Atlantis Restaurant, proceeds to help furnish the auditorium.  Kay Kester and Dorothy Kerrigan are co-chairs.
        – the Civic Youth Orchestra is presented in concert by the W.C. for the 19th time.
        – October – another rummage sale brings in $3,600.
        – Virginia Hawk, steering committee chair, appeals to the residents of East County to “wake up and realize that they have a performing arts center of their own.”

1977 – September 8 – the East County Performing Arts Center (ECPAC) opens with a crowd of 667 people attending the dedication, Grossmont College District officials presiding.  A buffet and music by Paul Williams rounded out the evening.  The inaugural week featured nightly events from September 11 through September 17.  From the San Diego Union – quoting Virginia Hawk, chair of the Action Committee and the first woman president of the G.C.C.A. – “You just don’t know the feeling I had when I stepped on that stage for the first time!”
        – October – the W.C. sponsors its first concert at the ECPAC.  Featured artists:  Zoltan Roznyai, pianist; Marnie Clark, mezzo-soprano; and Christopher Lindbloom, baritone.

1978 –  a new organization of the past presidents and chairmen of the Area Boards is created under the name of Key Notes.
        – March – the W.C. accepts the responsibility of administering Virginia Hawk’s new vocal scholarship.  The committee also votes to launch an instrumental scholarship of $300 to be presented in 1979 along with the announcement of the Virginia and Susan Hawk Memorial Scholarship.
        – September – the first birthday celebration of ECPAC is announced by Curtain Raisers on September 17 from 3 – 6 p.m.  A full afternoon of entertainment is promised.
        - the W.C. is selected to host the premiere Benefit Opening of the New Buffum’s store in Grossmont Center.  Proceeds will be added to funds slated for a new La Mesa Cultural Arts Center.

1979 – March – a flyer issued announcing Auditions for Instrumentalists to be held on April 21, 1979.  The Scholarship Committee consists of Dorothea Fleet, chair, Alice Richards, Virginia Hawk, Beverly Donnell, George Trovillo and Harry Anderson.  The committee handles both instrumental and vocal scholarships.  Total instrumental award is raised to $1,000.
        - Gladys Laudenslager reports a rummage sale profit of just under $6,000.
        -  Alice Richards and daughter, representing the W.C., will model fashions at the Spirit of San Diego fashion show/luncheon at Vacation Village.
        – April – the first Instrumental Scholarship Awards Banquet takes place on April 27 at the San Diego Women’s Club.  Nineteen winners receive certificates and awards ranging from $15 to $200, for a total of $1,000.
        – November – it is decided to discontinue the annual Local Artists Concert due to poor attendance.

1980 –  the first combined Instrumental and Vocal Scholarship concert takes place at Trinity Presbyterian Church.  There are eight instrumental winners and one vocal winner.
        – May – Gayle Marsh, President, reports that the Beaux Arts Ball clears $540 for the scholarship fund.
        – Jerome Rose, son of member Celia Rose, donates his services to a Grand Concert for a Concert Grand at ECPAC.  Paul Lingren adds to the festivities by donating a print of which a limited edition of copies are sold at the concert.  More than $3,000 is raised for the grand piano. 

1982 – the Euterpe Chorus presents a benefit concert at the La Mesa Fine Arts Center, proceeds to go to the piano fund.
        – January – Alice Richards reports net earnings of $1,400 from Monte Carlo night.
        – July – piano fund totals $24,200.  A bid of $19,000 for the piano is accepted from a firm in Reno, Nevada, to be delivered by September 1.
        – September – Helen Lambert announces that the Dedication and Memorial Concert will be Sunday, October 24, at ECPAC.  Jerome Rose will perform free of charge in memory of his mother, Celia.  Proceeds to go to the scholarship fund.

1983 – January – final cost of the piano, $20,140.
        – Alice Richards reports that ground was broken on 10/28/82 for the new La Mesa Community Center.
        – May – Board of Directors recommend that W.C. members, spouses, and immediate family members be remembered by a memorial gift of $10 from the W.C. to the scholarship fund, and the family to be notified in writing.  Motion carries.

1984 – January - President Nancy Herzik announces that $5,638 is the return on the Bullock’s opening.
        – March - Jacquie Hanson moves that the two scholarship chairmen shall each have a co-chair and that one or the other shall attend the Executive Committee meetings.  Motion carries.

1985 – March – President Nancy Herzik presents a check for $30,318 at the ceremony for the installation of the carpet at ECPAC.  Virginia Hawk is honored on this occasion.
        – September - after a discussion, Jacquie Hanson moves that the ECPAC Action account be closed, and that the balance be presented to Curtain Raisers who will purchase the ECPAC furnishings.

1986 – March - Doris Mullaney reads a letter from Carol Rosen who has named the WC (Women’s Committee) as beneficiary on her death.  The money is to be used for scholarships.
        - Lohme Canfield reports a total WC membership of 233 active and 74 life members.

1987 – January - the Patron Plan of the GCCA is initiated and is bringing in funds.
        – October - the WC celebrates its 30th Anniversary with a luncheon at Singing Hills Country Club.  Charter members Henrietta Harelson,  Marjorie Floyd,  Constance Virtue,  Marjorie Anderson, Myra  Oldham, Evelyn Swennes, Evelyn Estabrook, and Constance Stewart are honored. 

1988 – March - a spring Musicale and Arts Faire takes place at Trinity Presbyterian Church with more than 40 participants displaying paintings, crafts, sewing projects, and musical ability.
        – April - Chet Smith, xylophonist, assisted by his wife, Venus, on the tape console, presents a delightful program at the general meeting.
        – May – Barbara Colley reports a net profit of $2,034 on the fashion show.  Installation is planned for June 2 at La Mesa First United Methodist Church with the installation by June Ward and the program by the Euterpe Chorus.

1989 – September – Dorothea Fleet announces the WC will give two scholarships, $750 and $500, in each of three categories this year -- piano, winds, and strings.

1990 – May – the instrumental scholarship awards are raised to $1,000 and $500 for first and second place.

1991 – October – the Pacific Men’s Chorale, directed by Robert Boucher, is sponsored by the W.C. in a concert at the El Cajon Community Center.

1992 – February – the W.C. presents four member-organists in concert on the new Reuter pipe organ at Foothills United Methodist Church.  Soloists are Mary Rogers Belandres, Donna Lichty, Peg Curriden, and Vesta Jenks-Schmidt.
        – March – the luncheon/fashion show entitled “Chapeaus Fashion” is held at Trinity Presbyterian Church with fashions by Sweaters Galore.  Members are encouraged to wear hats that are special to them in some way.
        – March – the W. C. fills two buses for a tour to the Bob Hope Center and then to the lovely Pierpoint home in Palm Desert where guests enjoy a buffet lunch and musicale.  Performers are Mary Funk, Dorothea Fleet, Genevieve Grant, Marlene Walters, and Vesta Schmidt.  Proceeds will go to the GCCA Patron Plan and the WC Scholarship Fund.
        – May – an information forum, sponsored by the W.C., takes place at the ECPAC considering the theatre’s past, present, and future.  Eva Tanonis is moderator.
        – December – the W.C. sponsors a second bus tour to “Mexitlan” in Tijuana, providing a wonderful cultural experience, dinner, and shopping.

1993 – January – Keynotes sponsors a bus trip to the Lawrence Welk Dinner Theater to see “70 Girls 70.”
        – May – the Installation Luncheon will be chaired by Beryl Young and Beverly Hinton, with June Ward as installing officer.  Quality plastic dinnerware is purchased so it can be re-used for like occasions.
        – July – the W.C. sponsors a bus trip to the Laguna Arts Festival.  A back-stage tour is included.
        – October – a fall fashion show, “Autumn Leaves,” takes place at the Holiday Inn on Aero Drive.  It is co-chaired by Pat Pierpoint and Arlene Coady, with fashions by Kay Hendricks.

1994 – May – Gustavo Romero is presented in recital by the G.C.C.A.
        – December – a Christmas Gala is held at the El Cajon Community Center.  Lisa Friedrichs, Hawk winner, directs her high school Madrigal Singers in a pre-dinner program; Alexander and Julia Mirolyan, pianists, are after-dinner entertainment. 

1995 – February – “Paris in Springtime,” featuring the fashions of Yvonne Soule, offers shopping at a “Classique Boutique” –Marjorie Floyd, Chair.
        – November – President Eva Tanonis announces that the ECPAC will be taken over by the City of El Cajon on January 1, 1996.  Mayor Joan Shoemaker is establishing a non-profit foundation to act as a financial reserve for the facility.  Many improvements are needed.
        – December – a second Holiday Gala takes place at the El Cajon Community Center, with dinner and a concert presented by scholarship winners Katherine Lundeen, mezzo-soprano, and Tien-Yu Chang, pianist.  The event is chaired by Genevieve Grant.

1996 – April – a recommendation from the Board of Directors passed allowing up to $125 annually for recognizing two women who have served the W.C. over the years.  
        – May – Founder Henrietta Harelson and June Ward are the first recipients of the new W.C. Honored Member Award.
        – November – the Board of Directors recommends that the W.C. dues be raised by $5, making the annual active member dues $15.

1997 – March – Beverly Hinton’s son, Jim, and his wife, Teresa, play and sing Irish music for the Spring Musicale.
        – April – it is moved that Vesta Schmidt and Peg Curriden be awarded Life Memberships in appreciation for all their past services.  Motion passes unanimously.

1998 – January – Gayle Marsh chairs “Puttin’ on the Ritz” fashion show and luncheon at The Four Seasons Sheraton Hotel.  Guest models are Mary Sessom, Mayor of Lemon Grove, and Krista McNeely, Miss Spring Valley.
        – March – The Celtic Rogues (Bill Butler, tenor; Chris Vitas, violin; and Lou Fanucchi, accordion) present a delightful Spring Musicale.

2000 - February – W.C. members travel to the Old Town Theatre to enjoy a performance of “Forever Plaid.”
        – April – a fashion show and luncheon are held at Quality Resort in San Diego.  Co-chairs are Barbara Colley-Krebs and Doris Mullaney.
        – October – Virginia Hawk scholarship winner Thomas Roy, baritone, is featured in the Fall Musicale.

2001 – February – another theater party takes place—this time at Horton Grand Theatre to see “Triple Espresso.”
        – June – Marjorie Floyd is installed as President at the annual Installation Luncheon at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church.

2002 – October – the W.C. 45th Anniversary is observed at a Fall Musical and Welcome to New Members.  Artists are:  Carolyn Rosse, piano; Lynne-Marie Fredericks, violin; and Barbara Tobler, soprano.

2003 – March – a Scholarship Benefit Fashion Show is held at the Elks’ Lodge in El Cajon.  The Grossmont High School Red Robe Choir presents a beautiful program.
        – June – Arlene Coady and Genevieve Grant are installed as the first co-presidents of the W.C.  Doris Mullaney receives the Honored Member Award.
        – October – a Fall Musicale and Crafts Festival is held at the El Cajon Community Center.  Virginia Hawk scholarship winner Natasha Flores, mezzo-soprano, entertains.

2004 – March – the W.C. presents a Scholarship Benefit Gala at the new Ray and Joan Kroc Performing Arts Center.  Featured performers are former scholarship winners Kathryn Croon, flute; Barbara Tobler, soprano; Peter Jacobsen, cello; Katherine Lundeen, mezzo-soprano; and Bernard Bayer, piano.
        – April – Virginia Hawk-Church is recognized at the Scholarship Winners’ Concert for 25 years of sponsorship of the Virginia and Susan Hawk Vocal Scholarship.
        – April – Jacqueline Hanson is presented the W.C. Honored Member Award.
        – October – the W.C. sponsors a Two-Piano Recital by artists Trudy Perlman and member Carolyn Rosse at the Perlman home.

2005 – March – “Fashion Fermata,” our annual fashion show and luncheon, takes place at the Mission Valley Resort with fashions by Draper’s and Damon’s.  Bev Donnell and Lucy Patterson are co-chairs.
        – October – the Fall Musicale is presented by Sigma Alpha Iota, International Music Fraternity, featuring a chamber ensemble composed of Ilana Mysior, Genevieve Grant, Janet Mathews, Bill deMalignon, Haroldine Liggett, and Dan Mathews, along with soprano Mary Lou Rector.
        – November – the Phantom Tea, chaired by Arlene Coady, nets over $1,200.
        – December – The W.C. is chosen to receive a $500 grant from Friends of East County Arts, Inc. to be used for instrumental music scholarships.  

2006 – January – the annual card party luncheon, Virginia Lloyd, Chair, draws nearly 150 guests and nets over $2,000.
        – December – Jim and Francine Dobbin donate $10,000 to the Instrumental Music Scholarship Fund, to be dispensed at the rate of $2,000 per year.

2007 – January – the W.C. is again chosen to receive a $500 grant from Friends of East County Arts, Inc.
        – March – “Fifty Years and Beyond in Fashion” is presented at the Ronald Reagan Community Center with members modeling or displaying favorite fashions from the past.  Pianist Lisa Zhu, 2006 scholarship winner, entertains.  Eva Tanonis is chair.
        – April – due to the grant from Jim and Francine Dobbin, Instrumental Scholarship winners receive $1,500 for first place, and $750 for second place at the Winners’ Concert.
        – October – the W.C. celebrates birthday number 50 with a high tea and special program at Richardson Hall, First Presbyterian Church of El Cajon.  Doris Mullaney and Genevieve Grant co-chair the event.  An original skit, written and produced by Alice Richards, highlights the afternoon.



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