Music Scholarship Council

Grossmont Community Concert Association


Grossmont Community Concert Association


 (Formerly Women’s Committee)


Founded October 1957



For the common things of every day

God gives us words in the common way.


For the deeper things we think and feel

God gives the poet words to reveal.


But for height and depth no words can reach,

God gives us music, the soul’s own speech.


Organized - -

as a volunteer, non profit, non-political, non-sectarian association formed to enrich the community through promoting a greater interest and appreciation in the field of music by providing scholarships and assisting in the support of the Grossmont Community Concert Association.

The Music Scholarship Council
Grossmont Community Concert Association
Since 1957 MSC has devoted our energy toward promoting music in our community. Our primary goal is to assist young, aspiring musicians. We present  scholarships  to  high school and college students studying piano, strings, woodwinds/ brass, and classical guitar. In addition, we also administer the Susan B. Hawk Memorial Fund which awards scholarships to young classical vocalists.
Throughout the year we hold various events in order to raise funds for these instrumental awards. In the Fall we enjoy a Musicale/Tea. At this affair we enjoyed one of our 2011 vocal scholarship winners. Our annual ever popular card party luncheon is held in January. Additionally, we have the opportunity to donate contributions through our spring fundraiser by mail campaign. All of these events, as well as generous additional donations by music enthusiasts, are what enable us to carry out our goal of supporting young musicians.
We all greatly enjoy our Spring Scholarship Winners Concert when our recipients perform. It's always a time of pride and accomplishment for MSC members and we appreciate the talent and determination of these young people.
Please go to other links on this website to learn more details about any of the offerings mentioned here. You can also contact us with questions or for further information at (619) 465-0322 and at JIMGINGRL@AOL.COM.
Jim and Ginger Lloyd
Co-Presidents, Music Scholarship Council--GCCA
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